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Diabetes, Cholesterol & Heart Health



When you are told you have a problem with diabetes, raised cholesterol or high blood pressure, you might be given a leaflet with dietary advice and some tablets. Unfortunately, just knowing what you are supposed to eat or not eat doesn’t help us to change our diets. Sophie has undertaken training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Motivational Interviewing, which allows her to help clients overcome the obstacles preventing them from changing their diet and improving their health. Using her knowledge of nutrition Sophie will tailor the latest, evidence based dietary guidelines to your meal pattern and food preferences and provide you with a dietary management plan that is achievable for you.



About Your Appointment


Your initial appointment will be booked for 60 minutes and will include a full assessment of your diet and health and exploration of the required dietary changes. Based on this assessment you will be provided with tailored advice and supporting literature and your diet may be analysed with software. You will be offered ongoing support between consultations via e-mail, text or phone if needed and follow up appointments will be booked for 45 minutes.


As a record of your consultation Sophie will write you a letter detailing your appointment and the plans that have been made. This can be shared with your GP, consultant or other healthcare professionals at your discretion.


Regular Clinics held at:

Balance Performance Physiotherapy

113 Gauden Road